* I'm a person who is not good at speech!
* So,I choose my way to mark our story.

We were growing up in the same one town.
So we know each other's name.
But I don't know about you and you don't konw about me.
//It lasted for 23 years.

April 27 2014
This is an important day for us.
//That day,I finally know what I want.

One Week later,we have our first Date.
//Since then,I have fallen in love with you.

I miss u every day.
And take care of u and our love.

I hope everything goes well.
I hope nothing will shake our love :)
//If we have some problem between us,I hope we come back to have a look here.

Now,I'm waiting for the day you marry me.
Maywu,Will you marry me?

- Ick Sep 22 2014.
MayWu, I have fallen in love with you for
Love u forever and ever.
- Ick